Obstacle Spotlight: Traverse Box

Welcome to the Weekly Obstacle Spotlight!

Each week we will be showing off a new obstacle!

Traverse Box!

If you want to be a ninja.. you have to have exceptional grip strength! The Traverse Box is the perfect obstacle to help you train!

Q: What is a Traverse Box?

A: The Traverse Box is a pair of aluminum boxes, reinforced with steel. The Traverse Box comes with many different traversing options to get you from one side to the other. Enjoy diverse changes to help you grow as an athlete!

Q: What is the function?

A: The function of this obstacle is to help the athlete transition from one side to the other, relying on grip strength, core movement and coordination

Q: How does this obstacle help athletes train for the show?

A: The Traverse Box is extremely important for athletes wanting to be on the show! The Cliff Hanger helps each athlete develop or strengthen his/her grip, upper body, and core!

Thank you for reading!

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